About company

Company Background

Kharisma Sukses Gemilang was created by the management team at Prima Group (Known as Prima Jaya) in 2005 to exclusively become an importer & distributor company. For the past 15 years, Kharisma Sukses Gemilang specializes in distributing high quality food & beverages goods with an emphasis on offering competitive prices. 

In our daily operation, we continuously focus on our customers’ increasing need of well-known global brands. Thus, we formed Kharisma Sukses Gemilang to expand our service in providing imported products. We believe that by applying the current chain infrastructure and customer base to our newly formed company, we will not only create synergy but also promote innovation in our distribution capabilities.

Our Vision & Mission

To become the recognized distributor leader by our customers in the food & beverage industry in which we compete.

Provide high quality products with competitive price also ensure the best services are provided towards our customers.